Spleet Africa

Easier living in Africa

Technology: Vuejs, Vuex, Axios, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Figma

Spleet is a leading proptech company in Africa. Building the future of structured and equitable access to housing where everybody gets a fair chance at efficient and affordable living spaces.

I built all of the Spleet frontend, converting UI designs to web and mobile-ready application using the component base approach for reusable design components, while integrating API from the backend team as well as third-party APIs integration such as different payment APIs, google map’s API etc.

Here are two key parts of the project:

Hosting on Spleet

I built the frontend of a hosting feature for homeowners who have spare bedrooms or even an entire flat or apartments for them to be able to self host their spaces. This feature is a robust multi-step form with three steps and about 15 levels covering all necessary information needed. It features a date calendar selector, google maps’ autocomplete and map and amenities dropdown multi-select. It comes with an extensive dashboard for a host to manger bookings, subscriptions and their earnings on the Spleet platform.

spleet hosting


I implemented an end-to-end calendar system. This allows the host to set up availability days, minimum and maximum night a member/customer can book and how far in advance they can book on their calendar and on the member end, they can book available days. Also once a space/apartment is booked and paid for, those days on the calendar are blocked for other members that want to book the space.

spleet calendar