The people's piggy bank

Technology: Reactjs, Nextjs, useContext, React-table, Axios, Bootstrap, Scss

Alajo is a fintech company that set out to digitalize thrift collections to help solve challenges with traditional thrifters running away with people's savings. Also to help the unbanked develop a saving culture with a trustworthy system.

Alajo has two major channels by which customers can save on the platform, these are USSD and mobile app.

I built the back office/admin of the Alajo web application where a branch manager or super admin can oversee every activity happening on the platform, from Total amount saved, Overdue remittance and Overdue savings to activities of marketers, collectors and customers.

I implemented every UI and integrated API from the backend. Used Chartjs for the several charts on the platform.

Alajo homepage

Alajo dashboard

Alajo tables

Alajo collector